Granduc Interactive Map
Granduc Interactive Map
Granduc Facts
  • Located in excellent jurisdiction.

  • Preliminary Economic Assessment completed in 2013.

  • Significant exploration potential.

  • Over 62,000 metres drilled since 2010.

  • Infrastructure includes road, ice-free port, and nearby power.


Castle is committed to the responsible exploration and development of mineral resources that considers social, cultural, environmental and economic perspectives. Our goal is to build long-term, sustainable, and mutually beneficial relationships with communities in our areas of interest.
We are committed to:

Engaging with communities openly, transparently, and honestly through all stages of project exploration and development.

Understanding and responding to diverse interests, needs, and priorities of communities.

Respecting the unique perspectives and contributions of Aboriginal groups in our areas of interest.

Working with communities to protect cultural, heritage, and environmental resources.

Providing local employment and business opportunities.